5 early retirement success stories

Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker became financially independent at 26. He started with less than $300 in the bank and created wealth largely through real estate in less than three years. "I did it through creative financing and syndications, using investor money in order to leverage bigger and more profitable deals," he says. He buys and holds single-family homes and apartment buildings that generate rental income in excess of the mortgage payments.

For instance, he says, last summer he closed on two properties: a 140-unit apartment complex in Fort Worth, Texas, and a 12-unit student-housing complex in Philadelphia.

The stock market crash in 2008 prompted him to learn how to amass wealth using methods other than traditional equity investing. Besides building a portfolio of real estate, he lends money to people who are unable to secure funds through traditional means due to bad credit.

"With microlending, I invest via a lending club in individuals who need personal loans," Tucker says. "My investments in these avenues give me a return better than what I could achieve in the stock market."

On the spending side of the equation, Tucker lives off a lower fixed income and reinvests everything else. Now, at age 27, Tucker teaches others how to grow their net worth using his techniques.


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