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11 must-haves to sell to millennial homebuyers

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The reality TV effect
The reality TV effect © pics721/

The reality TV effect

Whether or not we admit it, we've all seen at least a few of the home reality shows on channels such as TLC and HGTV. Those shows can be fun and informative, but they also do a lot to shape buyer expectations.

"Real estate shows on TV have impacted all buyers on the way they look at houses," Elliott says. "But young buyers will often comment on how a house is, or isn't, staged."

Either way, staging is a critical part of selling your home, Hyland says.

"Staging a home is always helpful as it helps people to feel at home the moment they walk through the door, as opposed to having to imagine what it could look like once they move in," Hyland says. "Buyer expectations are often met -- and at times, exceeded -- by staging a home."


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