5 ways to save from health insurance reform

Preventive care that's on the house
Preventive care that's on the house © Monkey Business Images/

A health care reform provision in effect since 2010 requires most health plans to provide a laundry list of preventive screenings, shots and services without charging you a copay or coinsurance, even if you haven't met your annual deductible. Some screenings, such as colonoscopies, may be available only at certain ages, however.

"The point is, there's no longer a barrier to you as an individual not to get a preventive service because you have a high copayment or a deductible," Kominski says.

Women in particular benefit from a host of no-cost preventive services, from human papillomavirus, breast and cervical cancer screenings to breast-feeding support for pregnant and nursing mothers.

"What people don't realize is that prenatal care is now free -- it's a preventive service," Chollet says. "That's huge."

"We've heard stories from women who have put off screenings or going to the emergency room because they're scared of what the cost would be," Palanker says. "The ACA (Affordable Care Act) can be a lifesaver for them."


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