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Life insurance is right up there with buying a house as one of the most important financial moves you can make. Yet it frequently doesn't get the attention it deserves. Why? Because it's so confusing and complex, comparing policies and prices can be extremely difficult. But if you learn the basics and stick to them, you can decide if you need it, what type and how much.

The basics of life insurance -- What it is, who should get it and what to look out for.

How much life insurance do you need? -- If your family members depend on your income, you need life insurance. The question is: How much is enough?

Living on the edge can cost you -- If you have a dangerous hobby, the most frightening thing you might encounter is your life insurance policy premium.

Term insurance with financial return -- Several life insurers now offer "return of premium" policies that will refund all premiums paid when you outlive the initial rate guarantee.

Longer life span lowers insurance rates -- The first new mortality tables since 1980 mean insurance premiums, especially on term policies, could drop as much as 30 percent.

Annuities could help in retirement cash crunch -- Many retirees find their retirement dreams threatened by no paychecks and a fragile Social Security system. Annuities could be the answer.

Variable annuities: Down but not out -- Recent changes on the tax treatment of capital gains and dividends also mean it's time for another look at variable annuities.

4 ways to reduce risk in variable annuities -- Variable annuities are purchased through insurance companies, but carry the risk of the stock market. Here are the best ways to cut that risk.

4 things your agent won't tell you about annuities -- Annuities are complex enough. It can only get worse if the agent who sells it doesn't give you all the information you need.

Should you buy life insurance for kids? -- It depends on who you ask. Some experts say the controversial coverage is a waste of money. Others say it's a good investment.


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