5 ways to save money in retirement

Go to the goals
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Go to the goals

Whether you're already retired, or about to be, you need to periodically re-evaluate your personal spending goals. "You start with your core beliefs, what's important to you, and then you take a look at your financial reality," says Kay. "Then you may have to say, 'OK, do I need to make changes in my discretionary spending or do I need to make structural changes, like in where I'm living?'

"Some people might say, 'It's really important for me to live near my grandchild, and I'm willing to give up some discretionary spending to do that,'" Kay says. Others might conclude that some cuts in structural expenses are worth it in order to send a grandchild to summer camp.

The bottom line, Kay says, is that you must have a game plan to achieve your goals.




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