6 overlooked insurance policies

Off-road recreational vehicle coverage
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If you own an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, golf cart or other similar off-road recreational vehicle, consider this type of coverage, which can run as little as $10 a month, according to Hungelmann.

Wilson also says off-road recreational vehicle coverage may be worth considering.

"Most homeowner's policies only cover damage to motor vehicles that are used to service the premises or assist the handicapped," Wilson says. "If you want to insure damage to an off-road recreational vehicle, then a special policy is usually needed."

These policies typically provide liability coverage for the use of owned off-road recreational vehicles only while on an "insured location" -- which, for the most part, is your own premises, Wilson says.

"If you ride your four-wheeler in wooded areas for recreation, hunting, etc., unless that property is declared on your homeowner policy, you generally have no liability coverage," says Wilson.

He adds that by allowing someone else to "ride on or operate your ATV, you are a candidate for a lawsuit that could be in the millions."

For this reason, he recommends both off-road recreational vehicle coverage and an umbrella policy.

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