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Savings Guide 2006

Tools & resources

  Use these handy calculators and planning tools to stay on track.
 Budgeting calculator
1) Enter your income:
Annual pay:
  $ Biweekly pay:
(after taxes)
Net weekly pay - Your gross pay minus state, local and Federal taxes only. $
2) Enter your monthly expenses:
Food: Food -- dining out, groceries, alcohol, tobacco and household items $ Housing: Housing -- rent or mortgage payments, utilities, and housing insurance $
Apparel: Apparel -- footwear, children's wear and laundry expenses $ Transportation: Transportation -- car payments, fuel, vehicle insurance and public transportation $
Health care: Health care -- personal care, medical treatments and health insurance $ Entertainment: Entertainment -- movies, hobbies and vacation expenses $
Education: Education -- student loans, career training and enhancement courses $ Charity: Charity -- donations, gifts and cash contributions $
Insurance: Insurance -- personal life insurance and 401(k) contributions $ Misc.: Miscellaneous -- all other expenses $
3) Submit your information OR clear everything:


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