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Credit card rates for Jan. 26, 2012



I'm Kristin Arnold with and here is your weekly look at credit card rates.

This week, the average variable credit card rate slid to 14.5 percent, the first movement in more than one month. Meanwhile the average fixed credit card rate, which constitutes fewer than 10 percent of cards among the nation's largest issuers, remains at 13.71 percent as it has for the past 3 months.

The decline in credit card rates is confined almost exclusively to consumers that have good credit. It is these consumers that pose very little risk of default that are most in demand by card issuers.

At the other end of the credit spectrum, consumers with spottier credit aren't seeing rates climbing as much as they had been, but they're certainly not declining. Cardholders that have weak credit are fortunate if their credit card rates just hold steady.

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I'm Kristin Arnold.



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