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Tracking behavior patterns at home
Tracking behavior patterns at home © Ljupco Smokovski/

Tracking behavior patterns at home

Families of seniors living independently can be alerted to changes in normal behavioral patterns through CarePredict's Tempo, says Satish Movva, founder of CarePredict, based in Davie, Florida. A small device that can be attached to a watch or bracelet "learns" the wearer's normal living patterns -- hours spent sleeping, walking, watching television, etc. -- and keeps track of his or her location in the home. It can alert family members to changes in tempo that may presage health issues. Reports are sent via text to the phone, in an email or to the caregiver's smartphone app.

Movva, who tested the device on his own aging parents, says although it was developed for seniors living at home, Tempo is generating a lot of interest among group living facilities.

The company is now taking preorders for kits that include one wearable device, four room beacons and a communication hub, to be shipped in fall 2014. Cost is $169. There's also a monthly monitoring charge of $14.99-$29.99.


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