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Take care when buying house to renovate it

Dream a little, plan a lot
Dream a little, plan a lot © Ilya Shapovalov/

Dream a little, plan a lot

Approach a buy-remodel with a carefully organized series of steps, advises John Pinto of Realty World-John V. Pinto & Associates in San Jose, California. "You have to storyboard the whole thing," he says.

Buyers typically have a "dream" -- knowing the location and type of home -- but they need specifics on the complexity, cost and feasibility of renovations, and how the financing will be arranged, all before making an offer on a home, he explains.

Dream-prone buyers probably have scouted out possible architects and builders whose work they admire, Dietrich says. Accelerate the buying process by letting favored architects and builders know that you will ask for quick estimates whenever promising listings pop up.


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