6 misconceptions about credit unions

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Switching to a credit union is difficult
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Switching to a credit union is difficult

Whether you're thinking of changing from one bank to another or making the switch to a credit union, the power of inertia can often keep you from moving.

"A new or raised fee or a bad customer service experience is what it usually takes for a person to switch financial institutions," says Thomas Nitzsche, a St. Louis-based spokesman for ClearPoint. "Unless that happens, many of us are resistant to change."

The very same conveniences that banks pride themselves on, like automatic bill payments, often hinder consumers who are thinking of switching because there's a perception that switching automatic payments and other financial details can be a hassle, Nitzsche says.

But Briotta says that shouldn't be a reason for staying put if you're unhappy.

"It'll take a little work, but many credit unions offer free switch kits that will walk you through the process," Briotta says. "


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