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The best rates are offered to consumers with good credit. Knowing your score puts you in the driver's seat: Understanding your credit score.

Before you apply for more credit -- how are you doing with what you already have? Plug your numbers into this worksheet to find out.

Ready for a new card? What sort of credit-card shopper are you?

Are you paying too much for your card? Ask your credit card company for a better rate. If that doesn't work, switch to a card with lower rates. Here's how to transfer a balance.

Shopped around and think you've found a good deal? Before you agree to anything, ask these 15 questions.

Everything you ever wanted to know about credit card rules and tricks: FAQ about credit cards

Still have questions? Ask a Bankrate financial expert

Find the best credit card rates.

Find the card that suits your lifestyle.

So the math
Paying the minimum? This calculator will tell you how much your debt will really cost you.

What will it take to pay off your credit card? Use this calculator to find out.

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Credit card basics, a crash course
How to dispute a credit card purchase
How to fix a billing error
How to cancel a credit card
Beware of credit card scams
Protect yourself from credit card fraud
Quiz: Are you deep in credit card trouble?
Glossary of credit card terms
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