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Look for clues about the foundation
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Look for clues about the foundation

A home's foundation plays a key role in keeping the structure sound.

"The biggest problems in a house typically arise as a result of poor stability in the structure or foundation," says Tyson Kunz, a contractor and owner of TTK Home in Tomball, Texas.

But how do you check out the foundation without calling in a structural engineer? According to Kunz, you can look for a few telltale signs.

Consider the proximity and size of the trees near the home. If you have large trees (or trees that may grow large) near the house, the roots may end up causing the foundation to crack and break over time.

Inside, check hard-surface flooring for cracks and gaps, which will also indicate a foundation problem. And if there aren't any hard-surface floors, look for cracks in the drywall, specifically in the corners and around windows.




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