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6 feng shui secrets to sell your home

Be sure you're ready to let go
Be sure you're ready to let go © Stephen Mcsweeny/

If you haven't let go of the house, that's a big roadblock to a sale, Kennedy says.

If the house isn't moving, it could be a red flag that you, or other family members, don't really want to move. So it's smart to rethink your options. Don't let yourself be fast-talked into something you don't want, or caught up in artificial "deadlines." Instead, focus on what you and your family truly want.

If you're set on leaving, find a way of saying goodbye and letting go, says Kennedy. And that's no mean feat. "Your basic sense of security is still getting rattled in a big way."

Some strategies:

  • Walk room by room through the house and mentally say "thank you" for the good -- and bad -- times you had there, says Collins.
  • Picture yourself holding the house, presenting it as a gift to the next owner, Kennedy says.
  • Start packing. "It starts getting the energy moving" and releases "your hold on the house," Kennedy says. Plus, packing away your personal items is a good way to lose the "It's my house, not yours" vibe.


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