8 smart ways to spend a hefty windfall

Retirement » 8 Smart Ways To Spend A Hefty Windfall

Save it!
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Don't spend it!

Larry Winget, author of "The Idiot Factor: The 10 Ways We Sabotage Our Life, Money, and Business," says "Don't buy anything."

"It's an opportunity, a real opportunity to fix everything you haven't been doing right," he says.

First, pay off your high-interest rate credit card. Then, stash your windfall away. Consumers should create a savings equal to at least three months' worth of household expenses. Put the rest away for retirement. "That would be the top three things that I would say to do," Winget says.

"But whatever you do, don't buy something that's going to immediately depreciate when you write the check: cars, clothes, food, vacation," he says.


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