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Does insurance cover stolen items?
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Suppose your vehicle is in a parking lot and someone breaks a passenger window and steals a notebook computer.

Under most auto insurance policies, damages would be covered under comprehensive coverage, Crawley says. So, your broken window would be insured, subject to any deductible.

But your stolen item probably wouldn't be covered under your auto policy. Instead, "your laptop -- or cell phone, CDs, electronics, purses, wallets, etc. -- would likely be covered by your homeowners (or renters or condo) insurance policy," says Crawley.

According to Ball, many homeowner policies have limited coverage on some items stolen from a vehicle, such as a laptop or other electronics, so it's best to check with your provider to learn the exact rules.

"Don't forget that insurance would still be subject to a deductible," Ball says. "So if it's a smaller-priced item, the end result may be that you get nothing."

Some car insurance companies in some states may sell an enhancement to the car policy to purchase "contents coverage" for items such as electronics separately, Ball says. However, the policy might not offer the full replacement cost, she says.




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