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Credit freezes for all or victims only?

You decide: Which bill would you vote for?
Financial Data Protection Act of 2006
(HR 3997)
Data Accountability and Trust Act
(HR 4127)
Security Freezes:Security Freezes:
Would limit security freezes to identity theft victims.Makes no uniform mandate on whom can freeze their credit reports.
Would override state laws regarding security freezes.Would allow states to decide on security freezes.
Data breaches:Data breaches:
Would allow individual companies to decide whether a data security breach is serious enough to notify their clients and customers. If the company is not sure, no notification is necessary.Would require companies that experienced a data security breach to notify consumers unless they can show that the breach poses no reasonable risk of harm to consumers. If the risk level cannot be determined, consumers must receive notification about the data exposure.
Now, contact your representatives
If you want to voice your opinion about the security freezes and the manner in which any breach in data is addressed, contact your representatives in Washington, and let them know which of these two bills you prefer and why.

Act quickly. The House of Representatives returned from recess after Labor Day, which means a vote could come at any time.

You can search by ZIP code for your representative on If you'd like to speak to a local representative in person, Consumers Union provides detailed instructions on how to do so on their Web site.

Had success or frustration with fraud alerts, credit monitoring services or credit freezes? Tell us about it.


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