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Consider amenities when picking credit card

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  • Credit card amenities can take many forms.
  • Pick the program that will provide you the most value.
  • A zero percent balance transfer will convert to a higher rate later.

In the cards

Earning free flights, gift cards and limited or no fees on foreign transactions are just some of the perks credit card companies roll out to entice customers. And in a weak economy, customers more than ever are looking for the best credit card deals. Bankrate allows you to search for the best credit card based on different factors. The key is to find the card that best meets your needs. It all depends on your daily life and how you use your credit along the way.

A balancing act

One way to begin your research is browsing Bankrate's credit card tool. You can search by category: low interest rate, balance transfer offers or cash back. Another popular perk is the cash back bonus, where you get 1 percent to 5 percent of your total purchases rebated. For those with wanderlust, search for a card that offers airline or travel miles.

Full disclosure

When searching around for credit cards you may come across different offers for the same credit card. For example, you might see a different APR offer for a balance transfer than what is listed on the credit card companies' websites. Make sure you read the credit card's disclosure form before you sign up. This form specifies the exact terms for the card for which you are signing up. The disclosure form will list the interest charges, interest fees and penalties.

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