2011 Credit Card Fees Survey
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2011 Credit Card Fees survey results

2011 Credit Card Fees Survey » Results

Two years have gone by since the passage of legislation that became known as the Credit CARD Act. The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009 limited or outlawed many fees imposed by credit card issuers, including a ban on inactivity fees and restrictions on penalty fees.

The rules apply to regular credit cards and secured cards, which require a collateral deposit in case of default.

Not every fee was limited or banned by the law, however. Secured cards also come with upfront fees that many unsecured cards typically don't charge, such as application and annual fees.

To give consumers a better idea of the fees charged in today's credit card marketplace, Bankrate.com surveyed the basic cards offered by the 50 largest credit card issuers. We gathered data on key fees, ranging from annual fees and penalty fees to currency conversion fees. Most of the cards were also included in our 2010 survey.

You can search for credit cards by issuer, card type or credit level at Bankrate.com.

Card nameAnnual feeOverlimit feeLate fee
Blue from American Express$0$0Up to $35.
Clear from American Express$0$0$0
Affinity FCU Classic$0$0Up to $25.
Affinity FCU Platinum$0$0Up to $25.
America First CU Classic$0$0Up to $35.
America First CU Classic (with annual fee)$15$0Up to $35.
America First CU Platinum Rewards$0$0Up to $35.
America First CU Classic Rewards$0$0Up to $35.
Arizona FCU Platinum$0$0Up to $25.
Bank of America BankAmericard Platinum$0$0$25
Baxter (BCU) Platinum$0$2$25
BBVA Compass Platinum$0$35$35
BECU (Boeing Employees) Classic (rewards option available with $25 fee)$0$0$25
Capital One Classic Platinum$39$29Up to $35.
Capital One Platinum Prestige$0$29Up to $35.
Capital One Standard Platinum (average credit)$29$29Up to $35.
Card nameAnnual feeOverlimit feeLate fee
Chase Platinum Slate$0$35$35
Citibank Platinum Select$0$0$35
Columbus Bank & Trust Platinum$0$0$35
Digital FCU Classic$0$0$35
Discover More$0$0$35
Fifth Third Bank Platinum$0$25$35
First Hawaiian Bank Gold$0$15$35
First Hawaiian Bank Classic$0$15$35
FNB Omaha Platinum$0$0$35
Delta Community Credit Union Classic$0$0$25
Delta Community Credit Union Gold$0$0$25
Delta Community Credit Union Platinum$0$0$25
First Tennessee Bank Platinum$0$0$35
First Tennessee Bank Classic$0$0$35
First-Citizens B&T Platinum$0$0$25
Card nameAnnual feeOverlimit feeLate fee
FirstMerit Corp. Platinum$0$0$25
FirstMerit Corp Classic (variable)$0$0$25
FirstMerit Corp Classic (fixed)$0$0$25
HSBC Platinum$0$25$35
Intrust Bank Platinum$0$0$35
M&I Marshall Platinum$0$0$35
Michigan State Platinum$0$0$25
Navy FCU Platinum$0$0$20
PATELCO CU Classic$0$0$15 if payment is 15 or more days late.
PATELCO CU Gold$0$0$15 if payment is 15 or more days late.
Penn State Employees CU Classic$0$0$20
Pentagon FCU Standard$0$0$10 if balance is less than $1,000; $20 if balance is $1,000 to $2,000; $25 if balance is more than $2,000.
Pentagon FCU PenPromise Standard$0$0$0
PNC Bank Platinum$0$35$35
RBS Citizens Bank Platinum$0$0$39
Redstone FCU Platinum$0$35$35
Redstone FCU Classic$0$35$35
Card nameAnnual feeOverlimit feeLate fee
San Diego County CU Platinum$0$0$10 if minimum monthly payment is late 10 days or more.
Security Services FCU Gold$0$0$20
Security Services FCU Classic$0$0$20
Simmons First National Bank Platinum$0$0$25
Simmons First National Bank Gold$0$0$25
Simmons First National Bank Classic$0$0$25
State Employees FCU Classic$0$0$5 if you are five days or more past due.
State Farm Bank Classic$0$0$35
Suncoast Schools CU Classic (starter card)$0$0$25 on fifth day after due date or closing date, whichever is first. 
U.S. Bank Platinum$0$35$35
UMB Bank Platinum$0$0$35
Virginia Credit Union Platinum$0$0$35
Virginia Credit Union Gold$0$0$35
VyStar CU Gold$0$0$25
VyStar CU Classic$0$0$25
Wells Fargo Platinum$0$0$35
Wescom CU Platinum$0$0$15

Bankrate.com surveyed the 50 largest credit card issuers for classic/standard, gold and platinum cards. For secured credit cards, Bankrate.com also surveyed the 50 largest credit card issuers, displaying only one card per issuer that offered secured cards. The survey was conducted from April 14 to May 2, 2011.


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Balance Transfer Cards 16.12% --0.00 16.12%
Cash Back Cards 16.45% --0.00 16.45%
Low Interest Cards 11.23% --0.00 11.23%
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