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10 changes to your credit card statement

Notice of changes to your interest rates

Changes to interest rates and account terms

5Changes to your interest rates (if applicable). Here the creditor will tell you if any interest rates are increasing. Most rate increases require 45 days' advance notice before the change takes effect. Carefully read this portion of your credit card statement. Make a note of when the rate hike will occur and plan accordingly.

6Changes to your other account terms (if applicable). In this section, the credit card issuer will alert you to other account changes, such as fee increases. Weigh any options offered, such as account closure, carefully. Closing your account can negatively affect your credit score.




Click here to learn about changes in transactions and interest charge calculation.

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Product Rate Change Last week
Balance Transfer Cards 16.12%  0.05 16.07%
Cash Back Cards 16.45%  0.01 16.44%
Low Interest Cards 11.23%  0.02 11.21%
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