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Add "rising ATM fees" next to death and taxes on the list of life's inevitabilities. Bankrate's 2010 Checking Study shows the decade-long trend of rising fees on ATMs continuing.

The average surcharge charged by another bank ATM providers to make a transaction rose from $2.22 to $2.33.

More customers also will experience the double whammy of paying to use an ATM outside their bank's network and having to pay a fee to their own bank for the privilege. The percentage of banks charging customers for using a nonbank ATM was up 2.7 percentage points over last year, rising to 75 percent. The fee those banks' customers will pay also climbed, jumping from $1.32 in 2009 to $1.41 in 2010.

For example, say you're out and need to get cash, but you can't find an ATM for your bank, Fat Fee Capital, and the only ATM close by is owned by Gouge Bank and Trust. When you take money out of that ATM, not only do you pay a surcharge to Gouge Bank and Trust for the use of its ATM, but when you get your monthly statement from Fat Fee Capital, you'll also see a fee for going outside its ATM network.

Tip: You can avoid all types of ATM fees by planning your cash withdrawals to keep an adequate supply of cash in your pocket so you won't have to resort to using another bank's ATM. In a pinch, you can get cash without an exorbitant fee by going into a pharmacy or grocery store and buying a small item with a debit card, then getting cash back.




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