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Pros and cons of balance transfers

Moving a large credit card balance to a low-interest card might not be the best idea.

Will ex-husband's debt affect me?

You may owe for your ex's debts if you're an authorized user on his credit card accounts.

Consider a small-biz credit card

You could be on the hook for the debt, so weigh the costs and risks of a company card.

6 dicey ways to pay off debt

Paying down credit card balances is tough. You can get in worse trouble doing it these ways.

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Mike Cetera

3 things that won’t ding your credit score

A new Equifax survey of American consumers reveals some of the misconceptions we have about credit. Read more

Mike Cetera

Accused fraudsters brag of crime in song

Group tied to credit card thefts allegedly spent $258,000 at Barneys, then rapped about it. Read more

Mike Cetera

How long to pay with a chip card? Outrageous!

Visa announced the rollout of new software that it said will allow cardholders to dip and remove their cards at the payment terminal in about 2 seconds. Read more