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A finance professor says failing to save for retirement early in life will be costly later.
Think you need a million bucks to retire? These young retirees managed to do it with much less.
A few missteps can get you on the wrong track and heading toward poverty. Avoid that fate.
You don't have to lose anything if an ex-employer wants your retirement plan out of its sight.
Marcus Ingram says sinking interest rates can capsize retirement. Learn how to stay afloat.
The Fed's low rates, meant to stimulate the economy, may be depressing retiree income.
Recession is hitting home harder than ever, especially for retirees.
Young savers have a better outlook for retirement, but they have to start saving now.
M. Ray Grubbs explains how to determine the savings goal that will lead to retirement bliss.
With the right planning, you can prepare for long-term financial security in retirement.
Exit the workforce too soon and it could reduce your benefits, even if you wait to file.
Learn whether to focus your retirement savings into funds that count down your working years.
So you can't find any money to fund an IRA? Maybe you haven't looked hard enough.
A comfortable retirement may seem like a long shot these days. Here's how to tee it up.
Risk is necessary to grow retirement savings. So is starting young and diversifying.
Changes intended to streamline retirement plans have unintended consequences for teachers.
When drafting a personal-care contract, take these important factors into consideration.
Building a portfolio is a balancing act that requires diversification across countries.
An investment boo-boo can't just be kissed and made better.
When can you receive spousal Social Security benefits? Here's how it works for one couple.
Don't live bronze in your golden years. Retire with a Roth IRA with the help of this infographic.
If you've started taking Social Security benefits, here's how to turn back the clock.
Account safety, portfolio diversity and tax benefits all play into retirement investments.
If resources are limited as you approach your golden years, try easing into retirement.
Before placing a big chunk of money in an annuity, you can check the company's vulnerability ratings.
Are dreams of a safe retirement too far gone to reach? Will IRA investing meet your goals?
Delay Social Security until you're 70, but not a minute longer, to maximize benefits.
Public and private pensions come with guarantees, but they're underfunded. Should this concern you?
Need help looking after your disabled mom or dad during the day? Try a day care facility.
You may be in trouble if you underestimate the miscellaneous expenses in your retirement budget.
You may think you're paying yourself back, but you're sacrificing your golden years.
This couple diligently saved for many years, and it has paid off in a big way.
Is it better to cash out early from a high-income job or work longer for lower pay?
When planning your retirement, dollar-cost averaging can be a smarter way to invest.
One man's circumstances put a new spin on the question of whether to take Social Security early.
Retirement plans are adapting to the times, so you need to stay alert.
Being your own boss means you’re in charge of your retirement planning.
Retirement will be here before you know it. Plan ahead.
Keep track of retirement savings by re-evaluating your plans at these milestones along the way.
Early is better than later when it comes to retirement planning. Maximize your company's 401(k) match.
Once you turn age 50, you'll have to make many important decisions concerning your retirement.
401(k) plans have become automated, leading to complacency. Know when to manually intervene.
These big life events warrant scrutiny of your finances by a qualified financial professional.
Stay away from retirement debt by planning for a wealthy and happy retirement.
Every investor must guard against threats that could destroy a comfortable retirement.
A do-it-yourself approach to financial planning may be a mistake when a lot of cash is on the line.
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