Slump brings retirees bucket list bargains

Bucket list bargains
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Bucket list bargains

No, you don't have to skydive or ride a motorcycle on the Great Wall, like Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson did in the movie "The Bucket List." But if you're facing retirement and have a to-do list, you may not want to wait for the economic recovery to arrive before living your dreams.

In a rare benefit of the Great Recession, those who are retired -- or planning to be -- can check things off their bucket lists for a lot less than just a few years back. Consider vacation homes. If your bucket list involves moving to a warmer climate, the recession presents some great value opportunities in Florida, Arizona and California, with prices that are up to 40 percent to 50 percent below their peak, various surveys show.

We know the economic outlook is still cloudy at best, but we're looking hard for a bright spot. So come along as we explore a few bucket list bargains. There may even be a shiny new fishing boat with your name on it.




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