7 real retirement worries to focus on

Will Social Security be around?
Will Social Security be around? © Pressmaster/

Will Social Security be around?

What you're worried about: Social Security won't be around to pay any of your retirement.

What you should be concerned about instead: Pick the right age for you and your spouse to begin drawing Social Security.

"I don't think you should be worried about Social Security going away," says Kevin Bourke, Certified Financial Planner professional at Bourke Wealth Management in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Instead, you need to think about the best age for you and your spouse to begin collecting Social Security. You don't necessarily want to begin drawing Social Security at the youngest age you're eligible to do so, Bourke cautions.

"People take it early and they take a reduced amount," he says. Often, the husband begins taking Social Security as soon as he's eligible, which seems like a good idea. "The problem is, 25 or 30 years later he's going to be dead, (and) the wife is going to be 90 and getting much less compared to what she would be getting had he waited until the full retirement age."


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