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5 dirt-cheap home-staging ideas

Pack away personal items
Pack away personal items | Tetra Images/Getty Images

Pack away personal items

Packing away some of your stuff is one of the simplest -- and cheapest -- things you can do to sell your house or condo quickly.

"The reason you want to depersonalize your home is because you want buyers to view it as their potential home," Page says.

Prospective buyers won't be able to picture themselves in the house if they're surrounded by dozens of photos of your children and grandparents.

"Pictures are extremely distracting," says Radice, who also recommends removing any religious items from plain view.

"You want your home to show like a model," she says.

In addition to attracting the buyer, "you want the buyer's agent to enjoy showing the home," Radice says, because even if this particular buyer isn't interested, the agent might represent someone who would be a good match. 

The cost: $2 to $3 for a roll of packaging tape. You already have the scissors on hand and you can often score the boxes for free from a neighborhood store.

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