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Spending and saving apps

There are a few apps worth mentioning that do not fit neatly into the other categories. They include:

DebtTracker Pro by SnapTap: This app lets you put in loan (debt) information and create, manage and maintain a payoff plan. Once you set up accounts, DebtTracker Pro tracks where you are in debt repayment and how long it will take until the loan is repaid. It allows you to play "what if" scenarios by showing how paying more principal each month will effect your debt level. It also shows how much credit is left on debts that have a line of credit.

The user has to enter all the data and keep up with it. For instance, someone tracking credit cards will have to adjust balances if the cards are being actively used. This app is not a calculator; the user must put in all the payment information necessary to make the app useful. I like this app because it may keep a user disciplined about paying off debt.

Grocery Gadget by Flixoft: Knowing how your dollars are spent is a big part of being financially responsible. For most families, groceries make up a large part of the overall budget. This app takes advantage of a lot of iPhone technology. The website allows you to set up lists and then send them to your iPhone. You can check off items as you shop and keep a history of what you bought. Prices need to be manually entered unless the iPhone is a 3GS -- in that case, the app can use a bar-scanning option. As apps go, this is more expensive ($4.99), but it is well on its way to being something I didn't know I needed and now cannot live without.

MoneyPass ATM Locator by LocatorSearch: Unnecessary ATM fees are a pet peeve of many people. But there are times, especially in an unfamiliar area, where you're tempted to pay the fee for convenience's sake. This app will determine where you are, locate a surcharge-free ATM in the area and give you directions.


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30 year fixed, 0 point 4.28%  0.13 4.41%
15 year fixed, 0 point 3.30%  0.03 3.33%
5/1 ARM 3.30%  0.04 3.34%
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30K FICO-based HELOC 4.74%  0.01 4.75%
50K FICO-based HELOC 4.53%  0.02 4.51%
100K FICO-based HELOC 4.26%  0.02 4.24%
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1 Year CD 0.90%  0.01 0.89%
2 Year CD 1.03%  0.02 1.01%
5 Year CD 1.59% --0.00 1.59%
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Balance Transfer Cards 15.67%  0.04 15.71%
Cash Back Cards 16.32%  0.04 16.36%
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