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Credit unions help young savers start

Dougherty has experienced the technological drawbacks of her credit union.

"My only complaints are that my credit union's online banking isn't as sophisticated and easy to use and sometimes I have to go to far-off places to find a surcharge-free ATM," she says.

Rangan says some credit unions also outgrow their customer-friendly reputations.

"Some larger credit unions get so big that management often distances itself from the membership," she says. "Larger credit unions can lose their focus."

When this happens, credit unions forfeit their inherent advantages and "offer little distinction between their products, services and fee structure than any other bank," Rangan says.

Despite these drawbacks, Rangan believes young adults who take the time to research their options will find a credit union that meets their needs.

"There is a credit union that offers a great fit for the young adult, a fit that can grow with him or her and last a lifetime," she says. "One just has to look around."

To find a credit union, visit the CUNA Web site. To learn about a specific credit union's product offerings and size, visit the National Credit Union Administration Web site.


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