4 ways tech will change your bank branch

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Your teller may be many miles away
Your teller may be many miles away © Maryna Pleshkun/

Account holders are growing increasingly comfortable with making deposits and transfers remotely, and some banks hope they will enjoy talking to tellers from a distance, too. To reduce staffing, McBride says that banks and credit unions are beginning to embrace remote video tellers. These representatives can offer assistance via video conferencing on ATM screens.

"Banks can't afford to pay tellers to stand around and be ready to post deposits and process withdrawals if technology is facilitating those transactions elsewhere," McBride says.

Still, don't expect all face-to-face tellers to be relocated outside the walls of a physical bank branch.

"The majority of customers still want those personal interactions, particularly when it comes to bigger decisions," says Todd Barnhart, executive vice president of branch banking for PNC Bank.

"Consumers still want access to someone if they have an issue or a need that falls out of that routine category, such as wealth management advice or small-business banking services," McBride says.


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