2011 Debit Card Rewards Survey
5 options to morphing debit card rewards

Debit Cards » 5 Options To Morphing Debit Card Rewards

Play the waiting game
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Don't make any sudden moves.

Financial institutions recognize your frustration with rising bank fees and shrinking rewards, and they still need your business. As the banking industry settles in to the new norm under recently enacted laws, you may want to hold out for a few months as banks determine how to attract your business.

In some cases, attracting your business may mean passing the buck -- literally.

"We are seeing a shift toward merchant-funded programs," says Greg McBride, CFA, Bankrate's senior financial analyst.

Many of these programs give account holders cash back or points for spending with certain retailers. Outside of new programs, be sure to keep your eyes open for promotional incentives.

Lundquist says the bank sees the ability to continue offering a debit card rewards program as a window of opportunity to attract new customers. In fact, the bank recently launched a marketing initiative offering double cash rewards for debit transactions through the end of 2011.

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