Car maintenance: Don't skip these 8 moves

Avoid using inferior replacement parts
Avoid using inferior replacement parts © sima/

Woroch says you can save money by buying parts online, particularly items such as air filters and windshield wipers. However, she warns that this works best for basic items that regularly need replacement or repair, including side mirrors and floor mats, rather than more complex auto parts.

Brocoff says there's a reason to take care to avoid replacing more complex parts with inferior parts and to ensure you have the right part when replacing it on your own.

"Cars have become so high-tech these days, and there are a lot of rules about how certain things like air bags and catalytic converters need to be handled," Brocoff says. "You need to make sure your mechanic is using the right parts and installing everything correctly because it could cost you far more in a later repair bill or your safety if a bad part or the wrong part has been used in your car."


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