5 car maintenance moves consumers put off

Are you killing your car?
Are you killing your car? © ArtmannWitte/

For most consumers, a car is their second biggest investment, yet many treat their vehicle about the same as their washing machine, electric range or other major appliance. They don't worry about it until something goes wrong.

This is particularly true for younger drivers, who are responsible for the care and maintenance of a vehicle for the first time, says Brian Hafer, vice president of marketing for

"Not following the maintenance schedule in the owner's manual is very common," Hafer says. "People have these repair issues because they didn't consult their owner's manual. Typically, it happens more often with younger drivers because they just aren't aware."

Although they don't have to survive re-entering the atmosphere, in many ways, today's automobiles are more complex than the early Mercury space capsules. Overlooking routine car maintenance or ignoring warning signs can significantly add wear and tear, eventually killing your car. Here, Bankrate has put together a list of five common ways you might be killing your car. All cost estimates are from and are based on a 2010 Honda Accord 2.4 EX-L. Estimates may vary by car model and ZIP code.

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