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Steve Bucci, the Bankrate.com Debt AdviserSpecialty consumer reporting agency list

These are specialty consumer reporting agencies, which report on whether consumers bounce checks and pay late on their rents, gambling debts, medical bills.

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Just like the consumer credit reporting agencies that issue credit reports, the specialty consumer reporting agencies are governed by the rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Consumers are entitled to one free report per year from any agency that has a file on them.

If the report results in adverse action against a consumer -- such as being refused the privilege of opening a checking account because of past bounced checks -- the institution must inform the consumer why it has happened and offer the name and contact information for that agency.

Specialty consumer reporting agency list
CategoryBureau nameContact info
Checking accounts
Medical information
Rental information
Mortgage financing
Source: "Credit Repair Kit for Dummies," by Steve Bucci© 2006 Copyright by Wiley Publishing Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana. Used by permission.

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