Mortgage Rate Trend Index Up: May 21, 2015

Will rates go up, down or remain unchanged?

  • Holden Lewis

    Holden Lewis

    Assistant managing editor,

    Interest rates have upward momentum at the moment.

  • Greg McBride

    Greg McBride, CFA

    Chief financial analyst,

    The Fed's data dependency doesn't make it clear when the Fed will start to raise rates, but it also doesn't make it clear that they won't. So the yo-yoing of rates will continue, but with an upward bias.

  • Logan Mohtashami

    Logan Mohtashami

    Senior loan officer, AMC Lending Group, Irvine, California

    Higher, if we close over 2.29 percent on 10's with follow-through. We have had three aggressive tries to break through the key channel on 10's that can take us higher. However, no solid breakout action of yet. Close over 2.29 percent with next day-follow-through, and the game is on. However, this hasn't occurred as of yet.


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