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Yosemite National Park
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Four million people visited Yosemite National Park last year to soak in the park's nearly 1,200 square miles of wildlife, waterfalls and towering sequoia trees as well as to hike, camp and ski.

"It's nature's greatest theme park," says Jeffrey Hentz, executive director of the Yosemite/Mariposa County Tourism Bureau.

It's also affordable. Admission costs $20 per car for a seven-day pass. Once inside, the park has a free shuttle to ferry visitors between all of the major attractions.

To stretch your travel dollars, visit during the off-season from September to April. "A room that is $200 in the summer can drop to $40 to $60 a night in the off-season," Hentz says. Camping is a year-round saver, with spots starting at $10 to $20 per night. But there is limited space so book early, he says.

Many visitors on this American vacation save on food by picnicking, Hentz says. Local tourism groups also offer package deals on lodging and activities, and coupons for attractions and restaurants.




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