Don't fall into these Social Security traps

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Trap No. 3: Some workers don't get Social Security
Trap No. 3: Some workers don't get Social Security © Monkey Business -

Most people assume Social Security is available to seniors throughout the U.S., but not every type of work will count toward earning Social Security benefits. Many federal employees, certain railroad workers, and employees of some state and local governments are not covered by Social Security.

"Some of my clients have participated in retirement programs offered by employers that don't pay into Social Security," says Charles Millington, president at Millington Financial Advisors LLC in Naperville, Illinois. "If your employer does not participate in Social Security, then you should be covered under the retirement program offered by your employer."

However, certain positions within a state government may be covered by Social Security.

Find out whether your employer participates in Social Security and if not, whether your position may be covered by Social Security. Make sure you understand where your retirement benefits will be coming from.


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