Retirement planning with a low-pay job

Work on the side
Work on the side

Work on the side

When Sue Fliess had her first child seven years ago, she left a lucrative marketing position at a startup to stay home with her son. Like many women, she always thought she'd return to a staff position, even if only part time. Then she realized that, with her husband's support, she could pursue her longtime dream of becoming a writer.

"It took three years, but I sold my first children's book -- and then two more. I now write full time (well, as full time as I can with a 5- and 7-year-old in the house)."

Still, Fleiss makes nowhere near the money from book sales that she made in her marketing position. That's why, in addition to writing children's books, she also freelances on the side. Taking on that extra work helps defray expenses for her family and enables her to save for retirement.


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