Overcoming inertia to save for retirement

Retirement savings: No excuses
Retirement savings: No excuses © Maridav/

The list of excuses for why it's impossible to save for retirement is endless. Some people may be just getting started in their careers, making small starting salaries. Others may be stay-at-home parents with no earned income. Everyone is juggling a plethora of different financial goals, of which retirement is just one. And those who are midway through their careers and who have procrastinated signing up for their workplace retirement plans may be wondering if there's any point at all to begin saving now.

The fact is, the best time to save for retirement is right now, no matter what your personality traits are or where you are in the continuum of your career. Bankrate consulted financial experts who offer some tips on how to make it happen. Their advice will help you get motivated, so one day you can make a seamless transition from the 9-to-5 workday world to a retirement where you can call the shots on how to spend your time and money.


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