Cheap rental homes overseas for retirees

Rent homes abroad: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Rent homes abroad: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico © UgputuLf SS/

Puerto Vallarta offers one of the greatest values for renting for the expat retiree. In the past five years, this coastal town has seen a housing boom come and go, meaning rentals are easy to come by and quite affordable by American standards.

Several high-rises overlooking the ocean offer luxurious options, but charming and cheaper units in the historic town center are also readily available. "You can probably find a one-bedroom for $500, and renting is as easy or as difficult as in Ecuador," says Prescher, who recommends a signed written rental agreement for long-term rentals.

Finding units is easy, with most apartments listed online, but Prescher says the best resource to find affordable, reliable housing is the expat community. "Your biggest resource is your fellow expats. They've been through the process, so they can lend a hand, and in Mexico it's easy to find someone who is willing to help a newcomer," he says.


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