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Anyone who's ever hired a lawyer knows that legal bills can add up fast, especially at $300 or more per hour. But around the country, most law schools offer clinics where you can save money on legal aid.

The University of Georgia School of Law in Athens, Ga., is typical, representing clients through a dozen clinics on criminal and civil matters such as domestic violence, special-education concerns and dispute mediation.

Elsewhere, law schools frequently offer help on issues such as estate law and civil litigation. According to Alexander Scherr, associate professor and director of civil clinics at the University of Georgia School of Law, clients pay no fee for the help they receive. However, obtaining representation by a clinic can depend on a range of factors, including the type of case and the clinic's resources. So, prospective clients are advised to contact schools in their area to see if they offer relevant legal aid and whether they will take the case.




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