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5 great pet jobs for animal lovers

Pooper scooper
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Pooper Scooper

It may not sound pleasant, but it's worth holding your nose to be a professional pooper scooper, picking up pooch potty in the backyard.

Income potential: There are an estimated 800 professional scoopers nationwide, according to Tim Stone, founder of the Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists in Santa Clarita, Calif., many who earn up to $100,000 per year in these pet jobs.

Most charge about $45 per month for a once-weekly cleanup. Stone, who has operated Scoop Masters in Santa Clarita for 22 years, spends less than five minutes at each clean-up site and works about 25 hours a week.

Startup costs: A reliable vehicle, a pooper scooper tool for $10 to $45 and some plastic baggies are all you'll need, says Stone.

Check out: The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists offers business resources, including an annual industry conference.




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