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Danny Kofke, a special education teacher and author of the book "How to Survive (and Perhaps Thrive) On A Teacher's Salary," says, "I have been very frugal in my marketing."

Kofke's main way of marketing his book through social media is with the help of e-mail.

The best part is that he has not spent any money promoting himself. All he does is pitch via e-mail and/or telephone. E-mail has been his main source of marketing, he says, but he's also explored other avenues. "I've done a little on Facebook and Twitter, but e-mail pitches have brought the most success."

He searches for a particular show or people who are a good fit to market himself and his book, and he finds their information via Web searches.

"For example, if I wanted to pitch someone from the 'Today' show, I Google 'Today Show Producers' and get a list from this search. Let's say one of the producers is James Jones. I then Google 'Contact James Jones Today Show' and usually get some sort of contact info. I then e-mail and/or call that person."

Kofke reaches out to as many people as possible per pitch. If he has a list of 25 producers from a television show, he e-mails all of them until he gets a response from at least one of them, and then continues to e-mail that person with his updates.

So far, he's had success. He's been featured in a number of publications, including USA Today and He's also been interviewed on more than 175 radio shows and on numerous television shows including "Fox & Friends," CNN's "Newsroom" and "ABC News Now."




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