Mortgage Rate Trend Index


Will rates go up, down or remain unchanged?

Greg McBrideGreg McBride
CFA, senior financial analyst,
Expectations for job growth are so unrealistically high (500,000 new jobs) that we could see decent May job gains and it still might not lift mortgage rates. Respectable job growth and a slight uptick in mortgage rates is the most likely scenario.
Dan GreenDan Green
Waterstone Mortgage, author of, Cincinnati
Stock market gains are bond market losses. Mortgage rates rise.
Dick LepreDick Lepre
Senior loan officer, RPM Mortgage, San Francisco
The short-term (day-to-day) tech is signaling a significant bearish event. This implies a brief spike upward in Treasury yields and mortgage rates.
Jim SahngerJim Sahnger
Mortgage consultant, Palm Beach Financial Network, Stuart, Fla.
Rates are incredibly attractive right now and I believe it will be difficult for rates to hold at these levels long term. Other economic issues like Europe may continue to offer a window for rates to hold on a little longer. But if the decision is to act now or later, act now! No one will have to second-guess locking in a rate at these levels.
Rates often go up like a rocket and fall like a feather. Any hint of economic recovery will bring higher rates, leaving unlocked mortgage applications and regret in its wake. This always happens when it's unexpected.

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