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How to tell if you're on track

National savings rates 
AgeIncomeSavings rateDeduction for each $10,000
25$20,0005.8 percent1.6 percent
25$40,0008.2 percent0.78 percent
25$60,00010 percent0.55 percent
25$80,00011.2 percent0.4 percent
30$20,0007 percent1.65 percent
30$40,00010 percent0.79 percent
30$60,00011.8 percent0.54 percent
30$80,00013.6 percent0.42 percent
35$20,0008.6 percent1.75 percent
35$40,00012.2 percent0.86 percent
35$60,00014.6 percent0.55 percent
35$80,00016.4 percent0.43 percent
35$100,00017.6 percent0.34 percent
40$20,00010.2 percent1.67 percent
40$40,00014.8 percent0.86 percent
40$60,00017.6 percent0.57 percent
40$80,00019.8 percent0.42 percent
40$100,00021.4 percent0.35 percent
45$20,00012.4 percent1.76 percent
45$40,00018 percent0.9 percent
45$60,00021.4 percent0.59 percent
45$80,00024 percent0.45 percent
45$100,00026.2 percent0.37 percent
45$120,00028.2 percent0.31 percent
50$20,00015 percent1.87 percent
50$40,00022 percent0.97 percent
50$60,00026.2 percent0.64 percent
50$80,00029.8 percent0.48 percent
50$100,00032.2 percent0.39 percent
50$120,00035 percent0.33 percent
55$20,00018.6 percent2.11 percent
55$40,00027.2 percent1.04 percent
55$60,00032.6 percent0.71 percent
55$80,00036.6 percent0.53 percent
55$100,00040.2 percent0.43 percent
55$120,00043.6 percent0.36 percent
60$20,00023.8 percent2.39 percent
60$40,00034.4 percent1.23 percent
60$60,00041.2 percent0.81 percent
60$80,00046.8 percent0.61 percent
60$100,00051.4 percent0.5 percent
60$120,00055.4 percent0.41 percent

Reprinted with permission by the Financial Planning Association, Journal of Financial Planning, April 2007, by Roger Ibbotson, Ph.D.; James Xiong, Ph.D., CFA; Robert P. Kreitler, CFP; Charles F. Kreitler; and Peng Chen, Ph.D., CFA, "National Savings Rate Guidelines for Individuals." For more information on the Financial Planning Association, visit or call (800) 322-4237.

 Crunching the numbers
Now let's assume you're 40 with an income of $60,000, and you did start saving at an earlier age. Right now you have $100,000 saved up. What should your savings be in that case?


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