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Going abroad?
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Before you get on that plane for your overseas trip, open your wallet and give those credit cards a close look. Using some of those cards in another country would stick you with a trove of unnecessary fees, while others could make your trip cheaper.

Some cards offer protection if your travel plans go awry, but that protection comes with limits that are important to understand. If you're really lucky, your card may even come with a ton of perks that will make your travel plans a breeze.

But do you know which is which?

It's important to find out. The savviest travelers tend to build an itinerary for their credit cards as well as the sights they want to see. You can, too, by asking yourself the following questions.

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Before you embark on your next overseas trip, make sure that you're packing the right credit card. Some make better travel companions abroad than others.

As you're checking to see that your passport is up to date, also be certain that the cards in your wallet won't slap you with foreign transaction fees. Those can run as high as 3 percent every time you swipe, which means if you charge $4,000, you'll be hit with $120 in fees.

A credit card bearing an airline's brand name can be good to have, because those can offer free checked bags, priority boarding and other perks to make your travel experience smoother.

A card issued by a major bank with international partnerships might allow you to avoid ATM fees if you need cash while you're outside the U.S. And a card with "travel protection" can provide some coverage similar to travel insurance, though be warned that it's much more limited in scope.




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