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Want to learn the ins and outs of checking accounts? Let Bankrate be your go-to for all things checking. From our annual checking account survey on fees, ATM surcharges and overdraft penalties to trends in the banking and checking industry, we've got you covered.


Checking Basics

What is ChexSystems?

Wind up on this company's radar and you may find it difficult to open a bank account.

Checking Blog

Laura Dixon

Money problems may signal dementia

When a person can't reliably do basic equations in his or her head -- such as counting change, it can be a warning sign of dementia. ... Read more


Checking Fees 2016

Young man in blue shirt withdrawing from ATM © Michaelpuche/

Survey: Bank ATM fees keep rising

Most checking account costs are climbing, but our survey finds some good news, too.

Try high-yield checking for solid returns


Max your checking

2016 high-yield checking survey

High-yield checking accounts earn outsize interest, usually from smaller institutions.

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