5 credit union perks for the little guy

Advantages for family members
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Credit unions are usually family oriented.

"You'll find a product for every lifestyle from the first checking account to retirement products," says Legg.

For example, there's a bevy of kid-friendly accounts. Chicago-based Alliant Credit Union has a Kidz Klub savings account that pays high dividends, includes a newsletter and comes with a special ID card. Affinity Federal Credit Union in Basking Ridge, N.J., has a College Planning Center, where advisers help members create a free financial plan to save for college. Many credit unions also offer college scholarships to members.

Credit union programs aimed at seniors can go beyond just retirement plans. Summit Credit Union in Madison, Wis., has a senior club with free perks like traveler's checks and ID theft recovery services.

Many credit unions also offer wide-ranging financial services, including brokerage accounts, life insurance and health insurance. "We want to make the entire relationship the best it can be," says Legg.




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