5 credit union perks for the little guy

Incentives for banking at a credit union
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Banks aren't the only ones dishing out incentives.

Credit unions offer some juicy ones, too. For example, OMNI Community Credit Union in Battle Creek, Mich., has offered cash-back rebates on checking accounts, savings and car loans.

Other credit unions offer cash incentives. At the time of writing, BECU had a membership program where you could get a higher interest rate on your first $500 in a checking or savings account by signing up for various services like online bill pay.

"Just because you don't have $100,000, we don't treat you differently," says Pietzsch.

Some credit unions also offer generous rewards programs. At Security Service Federal Credit Union in San Antonio, you can use its rewards debit and credit card program for merchandise, charitable contributions, travel or gift cards.




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