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6 steps to get started with mobile banking

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Compare the possibilities and the fees
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Most mobile banking programs are free, but the potential for fees does exist, says Greg McBride, CFA and Bankrate's senior financial analyst.

If you plan to bank with your smartphone, McBride advises shopping for a bank that offers a combination of functional mobile tools with competitive pricing.

McBride says banking customers who want the best package of technology and price will most likely turn to the biggest banks in the near future.

"The larger banks have the scale to absorb the upfront costs of research and development," McBride says. "As the price of technology declines, smaller banks will be able to offer the same product."

The spread of technology appears to be occurring rapidly. With more local and regional banks beginning to offer some type of mobile banking capabilities, banking customers can compare the service offerings at a range of banks to find features that fit their needs.

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