How to dodge 7 mobile banking threats

Banking » How To Dodge 7 Mobile Banking Threats

Mobile banking malware on the rise
Mobile banking malware on the rise © JMiks/

Any conversations about the future of mobile must include a discussion about the growth in malware, which are software programs like spyware, Trojan horses and worms that are designed to damage or interfere with normal computer functions.

Until recently, most malware attacks have focused on computers. But in the past couple of years, new malware on smartphones, particularly Android phones, has exploded, says Robert Siciliano, an online security expert with McAfee. He says that because the Android operating system is open-sourced, it's easier for people to create malware for it.

Aite's Inscoe says users should remember that their phones are like computers, except even more personal because they carry their phones with them all the time. She says mobile phone owners should install antivirus software and use it on a regular basis.


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